Pension Management at General Motors Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Manufactured in 1908, General Motors ("GM") is the chief global automobile producer. Though the firm has maintained its worldwide existence since 1931 and offers a vast range of brands, it's considered a disappearing automotive manufacturing leader. By executing a revival plan gM seen a fiscal disaster in 1992 and successfully attempted to resuscitate its sales and earnings. The business observed intense competition and diminishing global market share in this time, although the success lasted for a decade.

The business has since reported another loss in 2006. Dwindling sales figures, increasing competition and significant staff costs are considered to be the key hurdles to GM's success. Additionally, the launch of a fresh pension accounting standard, the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards ("SFAS") No. 158, is anticipated to further deteriorate the fiscal performance of GM by recommending total recognition of pension surplus or deficit on the business's balance sheets. The administration of GM is focused on strategies to efficiently manage the risks and proceeds of the pension schemes so the new pension accounting standard doesn't adversely affect the financial performance of GM.
Pension Management at General Motors case study solution


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Pension Management at General Motors

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