Race Accountability and the Achievement Gap (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2005, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCP) management decided to pay close attention to issues of race and institutional barriers to the advancement of African-American and Latino students. Explores how large, urban public school district is trying to systematically address and eliminate the minority area of ​​student achievement gap. (A) case gives an overview of past efforts MCPS to address minority student achievement gap area leading up to July 2005. He shows how the school district with a long history of struggle with racial issues, and the minority achievement gap continues to struggle with many of the same issues related to access, equity, and belief systems. Picking up where (A) case ends, (B) the case of the new approach MCPS and concrete efforts to narrow the gap to reach the area by the use of data, accountability mechanisms and professional development since July 2005. (B) If the problem also detailed management team to communicate about race. This is accompanied by video additions MCPS manager Jerry Weast talk explicitly about race and achievement gap to MCPS administrators.
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by Karen L. Mapp, David Thomas, Tonika Cheek Clayton Source: Public Education Leadership Project 32 pages. Publication Date: August 29, 2006. Prod. #: PEL043-PDF-ENG

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Race Accountability and the Achievement Gap (A)

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