Paul Levy: Taking Charge of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Paul Levy: Taking Charge of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (A) Case Study Analysis

Course of action planned on first day and first week by Paul Levy and Outline the prioritiesfor next 6-12 months

As a new CEO, Paul Levy should meet all the COO, CFO and managerial heads on his first day in the hospital, to show his interpersonal skills and introduce himself to the staff. He must address them with kindness to show respect towards his colleagues, as he is new to them this way he will be enlightened with the paradigm of the hospital, which is not so easy to transform. Moreover the important thing is to identify the vision, mission and underlying goals of the hospital to have a better picture of the organization and its history.

Furthermore, in his first week in the organization; he must develop good relationships with the staff.  Additionally, he must point out the decisions made by the management that had loop holes, but they should not be communicated to the management this early as it might create distress among them. However, he must focus on maintaining healthy and constructive conflict and participation in decisions making is must, and most importantly surgeons must be provided with opportunities to give their inputs in decision making if they are even little affected by them.

For the next six to twelve months of serving the hospital; he must ensure that consistency of decisions must be a priority and plan that was created initially must be focused. Although he needed to work on negotiations for first six months; subject to this interviews were conducted at every two to four weeks to discuss timeline, events which will be encountered, his daily schedule of work, Correspondence via e-mails, articles in newspaper having relevancy, memorandum and internal reports. Moreover Paul must consider the timely implementation of plans to make the business side work in a better way, with an efficient and an effective functionality of clinical side, which was integrated.

Since it has been around only six years of merger of Beth Israel to form Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and there were many difficulties waiting for Paul, as he was appointed in January, 2002. There were many challenges for Paul Levy to overcome, which included identifying the factors that were responsible for dysfunctional organization and to have eliminated them as soon as possible, as a priority..................................


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