Paul Chesler, Director, Quality Assurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is about a manufacturing company which has developed a product named “Geasex”. A new director of quality assessment is hired. As he started his work, some savior cases that impact the development and sales of the product directly. As he tried to dig out information about the departments, he came to know that every department is playing its own role that is harming the product development. Purchases department is not purchasing the right type and amount of raw material that is required.
Moreover, other departments such as maintenance department has kept an inappropriate equipment which was purchased two years ago and is not specified for the required work. However, the maintenance of machine is done by a local nearby electrician.
The employees of filling department are transferred from shipping department and are not properly trained. However, the training of rejected material is given by top supervisor. In addition, the sales department is not managing the inventory and finished goods delivered after the products get out of stock.
Therefore, operations of the company have been very inappropriate and is costing more than its requirement, therefore, it was required to hire a wellknowledge and experience quality manager that would help the company to grow the market share and product recognition.
Paul Chesler, Director, Quality Assurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The following paper shows the analysis, alternatives and recommendation that would help the company to solve their problems and reach to their goals.
Keywords: departments, employees, company

Chesler is the newly hired quality management director of the company, where there are many issues related to product, its manufacturing, specifications and packaging. However, due to these issues, the quality of finished products has been very bad and the company is losing its recognition, market shares and potential customers of the market.
As time passed, Paul focused individually on all of thedepartments and generated the results and the method of how every department is playingits part to decrease the quality of product manufacturing. The immediate director supervisor hastold the recent story of how the first line supervisor packed all the rejected items by removing the ‘hold’ tag and forwarded it to the finished goods inventory.
However, when Paul was hired, he was informed about the product quality and he had been assigned to improve the work, minimizing the costs andimproving the growth and market shares. Therefore, it was necessary for him to look intothismatterdeeply and solve it as he has recently taken a seminar on it.
From personnel, it has been known that operator was nowhere when the material was being shifted and the material was actually rejected. Moreover, the filling market operator had no proper training and was getting trained by the supervisor about the rejected material.
The equipment plant that was used for automated filling was not specifically designed for the respective work. Originally, it was purchased two years ago for some other work, and being used for material filling for six months. In addition, there was noproper maintenance of machines and equipment was maintained by a local nearby electric shop........

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