Papyrus Laser Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



One of the major strengths of Papyrus Laser is the mass-customization, it allows the customers or end users to customize their products with own black and white text. The idea of mass-customization of printed products gives more business opportunities for a new comer. Mass customization had a board applicability for manufacturers of customized products, where customers influence the products that they desire. Papyrus allows the customers to use their computer printers, their photocopier, and a copy shop to fulfill their printing requirements. Papyrus also act as a communication partner.

User-friendly computer products:

Papyrus laser understands the value of user friendly computer products, because the goal of the company is to provide good user experience. The product will offer a third party software package called flyers, which help to gain a competitive edge. The flyers also known as mini-posters that are simple photocopies and e-mailed via internet.

The advantages of flyers are they are cheap, can be emailed. These flyers can be placed in the office as well as on the internet. The user-friendly product must be reliable and shouldnot malfunction or crash. Today’s young generation wants east-to-use interface that help to save time and provides quality services, this will increase customer’s satisfaction.


Papyrus’ basic motive is to bring continuous innovation and creativity in the product, and achieve a sense of professionalism. Catalogue innovation includes high quality paper, with professional four color graphic design, available individually, brochures, business cards and furthermore envelops and newspapers. The time strategy of the Papyrus laser is that all items are delivered within 48 hours. It also provides a wide range of innovative product such matching folders and display stands.

Value-added customer product:

Papyrus’ competitive advantage includes value added customer products, by developing a unique selling proposition. The strategy of Robert is to make product in such a way that it is easy to purchase and use, along with cost effective advantage. Value should be added to the product by providing high quality printing facilities and mass-customization, this will lead to the customer’s satisfaction in a long run. Furthermore, software upgrades provide ongoing value to Papyrus Laser by moving it further ahead in the competition.



The market barriers for newcomers is strong, because German online printers already leading in this category. Apart from that,there are other weaknesses such as price leadership than the traditional printer companies, publicity, service, and continuous improvement, which need to be focused in order to attract potential customers.

Market Expansion:

German online printers gained a large number of market share. The future potential growth of the German company is mainly seen in the Europeanization of their business model. It would be difficult for Papyrus to expand its market, because there are more market gaps for newcomers such as innovative ideas, low cost strategy, mass-customization, e-commerce and internationalization.

Complicated technology:

Laser printers are considerable and utilized as complicated technology and perform fast output, which relatively covers a large space in hardware gadgets.

Dangerous for health:

Laser printers are considereddangerous for both atmosphere and humans. Due to high voltage when running the machine, a small amount of ozone is generated which can damage the ozone layer.


As a potential investor, I would ask the following questions which are needed to clear before investing in Papyrus Laser.

  • How do you track your trends to gain market share?

The basic purpose to ask this question is to know that is the company have enough knowledge and awareness about the market, and where you go to find data to be on top of the industry’s trend. Technology is changing rapidly, so the company should be preparedto share data of customers and industry as well as how the company will apply the findings those in the business.

Papyrus Laser Case Solution

  • How do you know that how much money do you need?

It is necessary for very potential investor to know, how much money a company needs to scale a business. As laser printers are expensive as compared to ink-jet and traditional printers. Although the laser printers are complicated technology, thereforein order to aware customers about the product also requires cost. Entrepreneurs often make a mistake of talking about more general plans for the funding, such as marketing and promotions.

  • Has product cost effective?

Investors before investing, want a complete project plan, in which it indicates that Papyrus laser is cost effective product. The product must have a competitive edge in terms of cost and quality, so that the company can increase its revenue and gain market share........................

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