Export business plan: Exporting ipods in the sub saharan africa region Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Sub Saharan African region incorporates a great deal of opportunities for the investors and entrepreneurs, who are looking to expand their business or to invest in some new business ventures.In spite of its false image of having a poor and weak economy, the reality totally differs from this perception. This region has a significant potential for growth, which is evident from the fact that six of the world’s ten fastest growing economies are present in this region (Toniic, n.d).

 This region includes more than ninety percent of the African countries and therefore, it is a true representative of the African culture and economy. It includes countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon and Tanzania. These countries carry a great potential for not only new, but also for existing businesses and investors to invest and expand their businesses. Most of these countries are among the fastest growing economies in the world and therefore, they provide a lucrative opportunity for the investors around the world(HBR, n.d).

Since the region represents the whole of the African continent, therefore the feasibility study for the investment can be conducted by taking the whole of the continent. This will provide not only an ease in the research, but also the reliability of the data for the study. This feasibility study is helpful in the decision making process and provides a clear picture of the investment to the investor.

Following the feasibility study, it reveals a great opportunity, especially for the exporters, to start up their business.Therefore, considering this opportunity, the firm decided to export iPod touch in this region. The decision is based on the presence of an attractive market, which will provide an opportunity for the company to reach the customers who have never been approached before. Moreover, it will provide a chance for the company to discover new customers of an existing product.

African economy is one of the emerging economies in the world. Many ofthe countries are now becoming self sufficient and are providing an opportunity for the foreign investors to invest through Foreign Direct Investment(Toniic, n.d). The African continent has an abundant availability of natural reserves, which are serving as an important growth factor in their economy. The citizens of this region are now becoming better off and have started to see ahead of their basic necessities in life. The people of this region have now started to invest in the products, which are far more than their basic needs in life.

The upward change in the lifestyle of the people of this region, serves as an opportunity for new investors, especially for the exporters, to supply international products to the locals, so that they can buy them locally. It is an opportunity for the new firms to establish their business in the market, which is ready to be captured.

 Considering all these growth opportunities, the firm has decided to export a product which has a long sustainable market in the African continent. The iPod is usually the choice of every person who is fond of music and therefore, is a ready choice for such people. Moreover, the product is also in the maturity phase of its life cycle, which will enable the firm to make comparatively less effort to market and sell the product.

The sale of the iPod will be a profitable business considering the emerging needs of the new customers and therefore, will result in the future profitability of the company.Furthermore, the export of the iPods will allow the firm to emerge as the significant exporter and supplier as the services of the Apple are restricted to only one country i.e. South Africa.

Export business plan Exporting ipods in the sub saharan africa region Case Solution

Situation Analysis

The firm intends to sell one of the most successful products in the region where there is no existing market for the product. However, from the study and research, the firm has discovered a potential market for this product.


ABC LLC was established in the year 2009 as the exporters of various technological products including cell phones, tablets and music players.The company is exporting its products globally in more than 50 countries. Since the incorporation, the company has been exploring new markets and products to expand their business globally. The introduction and export of iPod in Sub Saharan Africa region are one of the new projects for expanding the business of the company.......................

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