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OSC  Case Solution


 OSC operates in the health care industry. The manager of OSC is concerned about the average number of nurses and cost related with the nurses as the hospital operates seven days throughout the week, therefore hospital is facing the problem of absenteeism of nurses on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

In order to deal with this problem, it is expected that the company is paying extra bonus of $25 per day on Sunday and Saturday, which helpsa bit,however the manager of the hospital is considering adopting such a methodology that could help the company in order to decrease the labor cost and in order to increase the average number of nurses throughout the week.

Currently, the base wage of a nurse for a week is $655 and the company is paying extra $25 to those nurses who work on Saturday and Sunday. It is expected that average number of nurses are 19 and 18 on Saturday and Sunday respectively. In order to identify the average number of nurses, which could minimize the labor cost Excel Solver is used.

In excel solver model firstly target cell is identified. In that case the manager wants to minimize the target cost, therefore the total labor cost cell is selected in the target cell and objective is to minimize the cost, hence in equal to option minimum option is selected.......................

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