ROCKWATER INSURANCE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Rockwater is a mid sized family-run insurance company. The company was established in 1980 in Calgary, Alberta by Charles Bell.  The company was basically run under the philosophy of employee-oriented. It has established strong relationship with its clients and employees. The company successfully expanded with many branches in Alberta. The company’s mission was to sponsor community charity events, and annual events for employees’ recognition. Rockwater’s employees are highly loyal and satisfied with their work environment.In September 2014, Rockwater appointed new assistant operations manager, Justine Bell who was the grandson of Charles Bell. He observed that the company’s Edmonton branch had different style of work environment which was run by Russell Campbell.Deborah McMillan who was the manager of operations department filled Justine with some issues associated with the Russell’s performance.

Problem Statement:

The performance of Russell Campbell began to decline due to the less interest in the business operations resulted in complaints from clients as the claim had not been filled with on time and errors in claim processing system.This situation was negatively affecting other team members’performance as well


Frank Leadership:

Rockwater’s Edmonton Branch had grown with the slow rate due to the difference in working style from other branches. This branch was previously operated under the leadership of Frank, Charle’s son. Due to the sibling rivalry, Frank had established his own way of doing business and due to this the employees of the branch felt disconnected with the head office.He tried to establish the working environment in which employees could get the essence of family members,however, this approach led the company to get away from the professional work environment.

Russell Campbell:

Russell was a loyal employee of Rockwater and was transferred to the Edmonton branch of the Rockwater from Calgary. However, there is certain point of difference between Frank and Russell but,the tension between the two had been resolved and managed to maintain positive working relations. However, some issues aroused between Russell and Deborah when they started to work together as,Russell wanted to hold a strong presence in the branch. Russell was very much involved with the employees and maintained a strong relationship with them. However, his performance declined due to his more focus on socializing with other team members. Moreover, heused to provide guideline to other team members regarding their work which led him to give less time on his own work.

Justine Bell:

When Justine joined the company, Deborah explained him about Russell’s performance, which resulted in the errors in claims and missed deadlines. Russell was focused on paying more attention to other team members due to which he took away from his responsibilities. Moreover, after the death of Russell’s wife, his performance worsened. Deborah and Justine noticed the delay in claims even more than before. The information on claims was also filed wrong and therefore, some Brokers had also complained about Russell’s performance as he made other team members do his work. However, he got some time to recover from the grief.Therefore, it could be said that Russell’s emotional state contributed in his worst performance.

Deborah and Justine were concerned about his performance, as it was affecting other team members.After analyzing Russell’s situation and emotional frustration, Justine decided to allow part time hours for Russell, howeverthis also didn’t help in improving his performance.

Justine had set certain benchmarks and goals for the team members to improve the claiming process. However, Russell didn’t want to work on Justine’s set goals and didn’t even want to listen to him. In addition, Russell considered that his way of doing things was much better than Justine. Russell had the element of being superior in his personality, which also contributed to the deterioration in his performance and hindered his potential to learn and perform effectively. Justine was concerned about the culture of the workplace, which was expected to worsen.Justine also identified that the poor performance of Russell had a negative effect on other team members as the employees were urged to complete Russell’s pending work. Justine and Deborah tried to maintain the work place environment however, they couldn’t succeed........

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