Organizational Change Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 1:

The University of Sydney would have to bring drastic changes to its university policies as it shifts its target market from solely Australian students to international students. As although both are students, but their requirements differ in many aspects, and the international students need more guidance in comparison to Australian students.  In the context of   Lewin´s model of change, the first stage, which is “unfreezing” refers to the university preparing to step out of its comfort zone and accepts the change their model of education will have to undergo.  The aim here should be to dismantle the existing way of doing things and paving the way for new methods to be practiced.

Keeping this principle in mind the university would have to gather the faculty, and the administration, then informs them about the changes that are to be implemented.  Further, they would have to understand the need for change and why it is vital that change is brought into the education model. The pros need to be stated about why catering towards international postgraduate students is the right shift from catering solely to Australian students and what specific benefits would entail to each. Unfreezing as the name suggests, is the stage that makes all concerned parties shake of their old routines and prepare to learn the new methods.

It is recommended that brainstorming sessions are done in different departments of the university to gather ideas as to how best to adapt the existing model of education for international students. An external consultant can also be hired who holds expertise in change management and who has considerable experience as well. Idea gathering in conjunction with the guidance provided by the consultant would unfreeze the existing faculty and administration into accepting the change.

By highlighting, the existing state of affairs and the desired state of affairs-the university can instill a need for change in all those concerned as then the drawbacks of not changing and the ultimate repercussions would be duly understood.

The stage that Lewin talks about is about change or transitioning where the actual change occurs, and the behaviors are modified to make way for the new ideas. During the transition feelings of confusion are natural, and experimentation occurs about how to employ the best method.  To transmit the change, the university should focus more on effective communication it is also vital to remove all barriers and resistance shown towards the change as they will delay the change process. In order to avoid this reinforce as to why that change is important and how each concerned individual will benefit from it- rebuttals to the cons presented would also be ideal although they must keep the environment healthy.

Even though the university should keep reinforcing the idea of change, yet they should not close the portal to negotiation and continually listen to the ideas of people and consider them. The next recommendation within the transition phase would be to involve and empower the people with the change process. As of the change is imposed upon them, then more resistance will be shown, but if they are themselves the engineers of change than little or no resistance will be shown. Involve in modifying the curriculum of the university, in setting up an advisory section which meets international student’s needs and more.

The last stage is the refreezing or crystallizing is setting the change and locking it in the new system. As Kurt Lewin suggested that until an element of permanency is not shown within the new system, it will revert to the old former ways after a certain amount of time elapses.

To avoid this university also needs to refreeze the changes it made and allow its longevity to continue. This can be done by implementing a performance appraisal system in lieu with the new educational model and a reward system to keep the new behavior and set of ways alive.

Then how can the university maintain its changes? One method of doing so would be by recognizing and celebrating behavior displayed in accordance with the new system.  The recognition could be in terms of a monetary reward or non-monetary. In addition, the force field analysis could also be used to eliminate any resistance shown in the new change to ensure that it sustains.......................

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