HandsOn Bay Area: Scaling Up Community Service Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

HandsOn Bay Area, is transforming its business model from “retail” projects that involve the individual volunteers to “wholesale” projects with for-profit partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization has been devoted for the community service through enhancement in the development and performance of the leaders.

The CEO of the organization faces a challenge to respond a request from Google in such a way that it could satisfy the need of Google. Google wants to incorporate its 5500 employees in community service activities during a one-week period.

This project might require abundant resources to allocate because it’s a far larger project than the organization has ever pursued. HandsOn efforts in the project would ultimately have the impact on the minds of Silicon Valley partners, which has created one of the risks that will affect its reputation if they do not yield the result.

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HandsOn Bay Area: Scaling Up Community Service

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