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T-Mobile is one of the largest and most recognized names in the telecom industry. In 1990, it was founded by John W.Stanton, under the parent company, Deutsche Telekom, and the company initially started working in Germany 20 years ago.  It was grown to provide services in the European Union, USA and UK. T-Mobile had blistering growth all the years and they had a great market share also. The high growth was not always the same case with T-Mobile. It started as the underdog, in the early stages of the growth. The company changed its all the marketing plans in order to achieve the rapid growth. T-Mobile USA is considered to be the national provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services. It consist of 43 million customers and 38000 employees. (Rodriguez, 2013)

            Currently T-Mobile works in a way that they manage their billing system in house. The billing is always an important tool for the telecommunication industry. The companies need to control their billing and make it more effective and efficient so that they could increase their growth and sales. So T-Mobile currently worked in a way that the billing was being managed in the house of T-Mobile. They didn’t outsource their billing as they wanted to keep it in their hands and also control and administer the financial changes and expenses. This also helps the company to track their sales in house and can track their customers in terms of billing. T-Mobile has an efficient billing system and they control it well enough for achieving the profits. (Lloyd, 2013)

            T-Mobile also currently working for increasing the performance of the company. They look at the different options for improving the performance of the company and also increasing the processes. The more they could study and cover all the aspects of the company. They consider many options for increasing the productivity of the company. T-Mobile also takes the services from the Amdocs for taking help in the billing and providing the platform for efficient funds and managing the model services. The advertising and promotion of T-Mobile was very strong in the US. It worked in a way that it launched different promotions for branding its products and offers it had to offer. For instance, T-Mobile ran a campaign using the social media channels such as Facebook other channels. In this promotion they nominated the people who wanted contact with their friends, family and relatives for Christmas. (Chen, 2013)

            T-Mobile is a technology based company and provides telecommunication services to its customer. As it is the technology based industry, therefore, it is always evolving and bring changes in its works and services. Currently, this industry is changing and bringing new changes, such as video calling, images and sharing files all over the world. Hence, the internet is gaining importance in this industry and every telecommunication industry has to opt for the new changes in the industry to keep up with its competitors. It is normally a competitive industry, as the competition rate is very high among the telecommunication companies. This is because of deregulations and the increasing rate of the privatization. The competitors of the T-Mobile are; Verizon Wireless, Sprint Corporation, US Cellular and AT&T.

Problems and Issues

            There are many problems and issues that T-Mobile is facing currently. The telecommunication industry is growing up with blinding pace and the innovation is constantly evolving in this industry also.  This innovation and fast pace of growth is bringing new challenges for the telecommunication providers. The main problem T-Mobile is facing is coping up with the competitors. Since, the telecommunication industry is getting vast and the competitors are bring innovation in their systems and services, therefore, it is very important for the companies to increase their standards and bring innovations to increase their sales and profits. Furthermore, the increase competition also gives pressure on the company to reduce its prices and charges for the services it offers.

            Similarly, there is also a major problem that T-Mobile is facing, which is, the telecommunication industry is constantly emerging and hence, creating a demand of the new products and services to be offered by the company. T-Mobile faces issues with bringing constant innovation in its products and services according to the demands of the competitors and also launching..............................

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