Oppo Smartphone Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Value Proposition for Oppo Smartphone:

Value proposition can be defined as a single statement that gives a brief synopsis of a product that a company is selling and reasons for the customers to buy it. It gives justification to the customers that how their product can best serve them against other competitors. It is a convincing statement that attempts to convince customers that buying their product will add more value to them rather than other competitive offerings.

The basic purpose of formulating value proposition is to target those individuals who will get the maximum benefits from using the products of the company. For a value proposition statement to be ideal, it needs to be short but yet appealing to the customers, whom the company is aiming to target. Furthermore, another purpose of value proposition statement was to appeal the emotional and rational customers, because the company has to suffer high price if the potential customer oversight its product.

From a marketing perspective, the value proposition for a customer comprises of the total benefits that a company commits to deliver to its customer against the payment promised by the customers. The process is also known as value transfer. For customers, the value proposition is something that provides concise, clear, but yet captivating statement of communication about all the elements that can be said as crucial to making customers satisfied with a product.

In order to drive a strong and compelling value proposition statement, a company needs to have an in-depth market research along with in depth knowledge about the target customer as well. Oppo can go for a thorough market research in order to find particular needs of individuals for their smartphones. A convincing value proposition statement can also have a customer’s point of view as well, in which their experiences have been shared by using their products or services.

Importance of Value Proposition statement:

The importance of the value proposition statement can be best described by a quote by Charles Kettering who states, “If the problem is well stated then the problem is almost half solved”.

Oppo is a Chinese company that is engaged in the manufacturing and production of various electronics and also operate in mobile phones. The most recent flagship smartphone of the company is “Find 7” that is designed to push the limits of advance technology in mobile phones through going beyond individual’s expectations. This new smartphone is tremendously attractive mobile phone device that has been successful in differentiating it from other Android phones. It has a rotating camera, gorilla glass 3, equipped with the latest sensor and high quality capturing camera by Sony. These are few elements that are adding value in its flagship product. 

Value Proposition for Find 7:

“For customers who wants to have a mobile technology beyond their expectations, Oppo Find 7 is a smartphone and the device that is multipurpose and help individuals to maintain their social and work life simultaneously, which provides a connection that will bring life’s most precious moments. Unlike other smartphones, Find 7 is a user-friendly smartphone with an absolute precision to ensure each and every detail was attentively implemented.”

Figure 1: Elements of Value Proposition

*Source: (Payne & Pennie, 2014)

Competition in the market:

Oppo is a Chinese company and a new player in the smartphone market. After making its entrance into the United States, the company is encountering with severe competition from international players. Along with international players, the company is also facing intense rivalry from the local smartphone companies as well. The most recent smartphone launched by the company is Oppo Find 7 that is known to be a flagship product for the company.


The company is facing fierce competition and intense rivalry in China and outside the world as well. Major competitors for Oppo include Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Sony Xperia..

However, the product Find 7 found seven major competitors that are listed below:

Oppo Find 7 versus Oneplus One:

Both the smartphones have a large screen display that is 5.5 inches along with high-resolution display. However, the pixels of Oppo are higher than Oneplus One i.e. 1440 x 2560 versus 1080 x 1920. In addition to this, both the brands have a high pixel density screen as well. Both smartphones have a camera with high resolution that is 13 Megapixel. Moreover, both the smartphones have a quad core processor along with 3072 MB of Ram. Along with this, it also has fast internet, like LTE and 4G. The only lack in Oneplus one is that it doesn’t support micro SD card expansion storage.

Oppo Find 7 versus Samsung Galaxy S5:

Both the smartphones also have a big display, but the Oppo Find 7 is bigger than Samsung Galaxy S5. Resolution display for Oppo Find 7 is more than Samsung Galaxy S5. Pixel density in terms of screen which is also higher in Find 7 than in note III. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy S5 is a water resistant phone while Oppo...................

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