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Operations Management Assignment Case Solution


Among all the 7 emirates it is also the first in terms of construction, tourism, market and other important issues(Dubai). In such a rich area, there are significant opportunities available for the catering companies in order to introduce their products and services. The catering operations of hospitality related business or as a standalone facility exist in a wide range of styles and formats.
The most common styles of these catering operations could be found in as private rooms in hotel faculties, restaurant operations and more often as independent catering facilities. The demand for the private function space by the international public outside of their own businesses and houses had led towards the increased demand for this sector of the hospitality industry’s food service sector and it has been rapidly growing in terms of both the revenue and the facilities (Data Dubai). This report attempts to analyze the operational issues which are being faced by one of the catering service providers and it also highlights the analysis and recommendations for optimizing the performance of the outlets, quality of the food and the service of the chefs.
This will ultimately lead towards the achievement of the customer satisfaction with high standards of hygiene and lower cost of the service. Successful integration and interaction among the brokers, co-manufacturers, re-packers, food contact packaging providers, ingredient vendors and other suppliers would ultimately lead towards the effective food safety management. A range of operational issues have been identified in this report for one of the leading and successful catering company in UAE, ‘National Catering Services &Foodstuff.’’

Description of the Organization

National Catering Services & Foodstuff Company is one of the most popular and leading support services and a catering company which services its customers in the Arabian Gulf region. The company is serving on average 31,000 meals per day to its customers in different educations sectors, industry and business sector. The company has become a leading independent contract catering service provider in the Middle East(Company).
The main objective of the company has always been to take part in the commercial target achievement of its clients in order to provide customer satisfaction. The flexibility and the convenience associated with the company’s services allow the clients to focus on their core business activities by providing them with services beyond their expectations and instilling a can-do attitude.
Description of Catering Operational Issues

The catering operating and the process management are the most complex and the critical components of a venue’s activities. In order for the catering department of an organization to work efficiently and satisfy its clients, it requires the effective management and integration of everything from the marketing to HR and also finance. A successful catering operation will not just yield significant profits for the company from the catering department but it would support the proper functioning of all the other areas integrated with this department.Operations Management Assignment Case Solution

The main operational issue which is being faced by the National Catering Services & Foodstuff Company currently is associated with the quality of the food which is catered to the customers of the company (Company). The food which is catered to the customers usually decays very rapidly. There could be a range of the reasons for this such as the time internal between the production and the delivery of the food to the clients. Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, a method should be designed based upon a novel iterative scheme to solve this quality issue by integrating the distribution planning and the short term production of the company. This is depicted in the flow chart below:........................

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