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Operations Management Case Solution

The duration of the project:

The duration of the project is calculated as 79 days, and it is calculated as the duration of all activities by eliminating the interlinked activities and taken as highest activity duration.

The activities that RH should focus so that the project is completed in time:

The activities that shows long duration and are highly interlinked with the each other, RH should focus on those activities because it takes long time period to get return. Another activity that RH should focus on is activity “V” named as paint exterior and interior and it has 6 years duration and linked with the T and U.

Risk factors that RH should be aware of over the period of the project

RH should aware of the risks regarding to the schedule (time period in which return will be received), resources (team work), Budget (funds to invest with better return) and scope (unique idea) the risks in each category consists of:


  • Critical path to follow
  • Several predecessors of the task
  • Major milestones to cover


  • Individual working alone
  • Scarcity of resources
  • Turnover and illness


  • Increase in the Resource costs
  • Uncertainty of funds


  • Uncertainty of new project return
  • Changes in the rates
  • Large number of defects

Implications of the penalty:

As the tender document emphasis the $2000 penalty if the payment is delayed after the 45 days of duration, the RH should evaluate the criteria by procuring agencies that provide the listing of relevant information and help to make decision that which bid should be evaluated and selected for better returns.

Other recommendations:

The RH should properly make the scope with the functional elements such as: optimization of cost and time, as these make the end up deliverable projects in order to achieve the objective of building 25 new houses. The scope gives the best chance for the success of the Project as well as best quality. As the project manager, the employees should aware of the projects constraints that makes the best and make changes in the efficient usage of cost and time.

Question 1:  Part 2:

(a)  Overview of the project:

The project (Riverina Homes) is chosen same as in the part, as it requires some additional working and to make analyze that the RH would able to carry out this project management.  The case describes the real estate contract that is organized by the Ray Fitz Patrick; the aim is to build the area outside the WAGGA.

The estimated duration of the project is given as 45 days and the target projects are to build 25 new houses and if the payment is not paid then it the RH should be penalized to $ 2000 per day for each project. The bid price of the project is $ 350,000 per house that gives result in profit margin of $ 50,000.Operations Management Case Solution

(b) Statement of Work of the project:

It shows the planning, implementation, training and execution of the project as to carry out the project as most successful. It consists of the scope, location, timeline, delivery schedule, standards and acceptance criteria.

The scope of the project is to make the bid and to make 25 new houses while having the constraints of cost, personnel and time. The location is the Wagga Wagga that has a number of activities to perform with the given duration of days. The payment would be made as $35,000 per bid and the successful bid would be accepted that will lead to profit of $ 50,000 per bid..................

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