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While most companies limit the activities of the organizations limited tactical role in some of the most successful companies formed the basis for the operation - in fact, the driver behind - a successful strategic attack and defense. This is most clearly seen in cases where small companies - although the lack of benefits of size, market position, as well as proprietary technology - take on large companies, and in a relatively short time to push their way to the domination of the industry. In such cases, the key to success is often based operations benefits. The peculiarity of this are the advantages of the causes of many of the former leaders of the industry did not react more promptly and vigorously to such attacks, and why others, by contrast, were able to defend themselves successfully. "Hide
by Robert Hayes, David M. Upton Source: California Management Review 19 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 1998. Prod. #: CMR123-PDF-ENG

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Operations-Based Strategy

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