Bruce Allyn: Negotiating with the KGB (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The "A" instance describes how, at the anxious height of the Cold War, with CIA representatives methodically being exposed and executed in Russia, Allyn participated in an unusual joint U.S., Soviet study that switched between the two countries. Making friends with Russians, assembly and going about his doctoral research, he accepted a low-key invitation from a sure Russian buddy to meet for lunch anywhere on the outskirts of Moscow. Behind hours of never-ending alcohol using a group of Russians, amazing food, and warm dialogue, all but one of this group wandered out of the room. Unexpectedly the only remaining man, "Vladimir," looked straight at Bruce and said: "I am a high ranking KGB officer. I've been commissioned to make to you a proposition." Intoxicated, highly exposed, and isolated, Allyn and this advanced KGB counterpart must negociate.

In order to employ Allyn to in clandestine work for the KGB, the representative attempts many policies: scarcely oblique bullying, offers of money, and also the assurance of high level access and Soviet files that will facilitate Allyn over time to befall the top U.S. Sovietologist. Should Allyn accept the offer, the representative hassle how Allyn could have a much improved life and much more effectively advance the shared goals of sinking the risks of nuclear war and civilizing associates between both hostile superpowers. At the winding up of the "A" case, Allyn must establish what to do. The "B" case describe successive episodes in the concession along with its conclusion.

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This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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