Nursing Task Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Explain and discuss Practice, Research and Theory as they relate to nursing. How are they related and interdependent? Discuss and explain the importance of research and nursing theory for nursing as a profession. Discuss and explain a current practice change in your facility and find 2 current (within the last 5 years) articles that support this change. What effect has this change had on patient care?

Practice Research and Theory


In Nursing, practice refers to the principles which describes what a nurse should do, or is expected from her. The best practices outlays the principles which can be used to shape the behavior and role ofNurses. The Nursing practice describes the measures which are safe and effective and offers guidance to frame behavior, attitude and approaches towards good care. The practices described by the new researches entails the responsibilities of being a nurse. A nurse should be able to empathize with the patient and understand, communicate effectively and integrate the values into the nursing role.

InNursing, the research refers to the evidences used to support the nursing activities. In recent times, the Nursing research has been transformed into a new field which researches about new practices and support to offer a better nursing service to the patient. The term has become popular because now the nurses act as researchers, who tends to find new trends and ways to delight the patient and promote healthy relationship between Nurses and patients. Moreover, research in Nursing, shapes the health related policies which forces the government and federal level to amend the policies regarding Nursing.

Nursing Task Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Nursing Theory refers to the set of concepts, rationales, relationships and assumptions which are derived from nursing model or from other resources to form a purposive, systematic view of Theory by creating a relationship between the variables that are under the research. The Nursing Theory describes and examines the phenomenon which occur during the tenure of a nurse. It outlays the understanding which nurses can use in order to develop a better rationale about the phenomenon. There are few characteristics of the Nursing Theory.


  • The theory is generalized- which means it is not confined to any single institution
  • It is logical and natural
  • The hypotheses formed can be tested, thus offers a quantitative result
  • It is used by the practitioners to improve and guide the followed practices.



The relationship between theory, research and practices are continuous and consecutive. In Nursing, the theory is developed on the basis of the observation and logical phenomenon of daily life. Once the theory is developed, it is supported by strong hypotheses. Once hypotheses is developed, the phenomenon is tested through research. The research inNursing, finds concrete evidence to proof or disproof the hypotheses proposed through the Nursing Theory. Finally, practices are formed on the basis of the findings of the Research. The practices inculcate the crux of the findings and aims to propagate the relationship among the variables.......................

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