Numico: King Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-6-0299 © 2007
Cordon, Carlos; Volatier, Luc; Jäger, François

This case illustrates the fact that good operations management can afford significant financial benefits. Numico managed to create free cash flow from better management of both accounts receivables and payables as well as by raising awareness among its employees of the impact their daily actions has on the cash. Learning objective: The uses of operations to develop cash.
Numico King Project Case Study Solution

Subjects: Supply chain; Cash; Trade working capital; Implementation; Change; Finance; Operations; Account receivables; Account payables; Inventory; Metrics; Baby food; Numico; King; Project management

Settings: Global; Food; 2006 Turnover: € 2;623; 2002-2007

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Numico: King Project

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