Corruption At Siemens (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-1-0278 © 2008
Hamilton, Stewart; Eckardt, Anna

In November 2006, 200 German cops and prosecutors raided 30 offices and dwellings of Siemens supervisors to investigate allegations of embezzlement at Siemens’ fixed line phone unit. Because of this, Siemens replaced all but one of its own managing board members.

The same day, the Supervisory board a well known law firm to sue virtually all executive committee members in charge between 2006 and 2003. Learning objectives: To introduce students to the problems surrounding corruption in international business.

Subjects: Bribes; Slush funds; Ethics; Corruption; International business; Laws & Regulations
Settings: Germany; Multinational conglomerate; 400,000 employees worldwide;2006-2008

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Corruption At Siemens (A)

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