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Michelle Foster was a general partner of the North West Community Ventures (NVC), a non-profit equity fund with a socially responsible mission. Following its mandate to invest in rural communities in Oregon and Washington, the group depends on where Michelle coverage such as meals to attract and build a trusting relationship with rural entrepreneurs who are working away from the world of traditional venture capital. In early 2005, HTC was a little more than eight years remaining on its ten-year charter, but Michelle was already thinking about how to better position itself for further fund raising in the third year. As in any venture fund, it would have been out looking for investors long before the results were in their current efforts. Her concern was whether institutional investors may be attracted to the unique brand of socially responsible fund of venture capital, especially if higher returns are available elsewhere at a lower risk. Its main task was, however, Eileen O'Brien, passionate founder massive business initiatives (GBI), loud NCV, a non-profit parent organization. First, they were completely different business philosophy was the source of respect, philosophical curiosity, and even entertainment. Increasingly, however, the relationship became strained because of the pressure that the two women are facing in order to meet their respective and very disparate goals and commitments. "Hide
by Natalie Taylor Source: Babson College 21 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod. #: BAB159-PDF-ENG

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