Nokia India Battery Recall Logistics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nokia India Battery Recall Logistics Case Solution 

  1.  Take the position of Dhariwal in Nokia India: What is your role in a product recall situation?

Logistic controller has the duty to arrange, oversee and look after the whole process of transportation and deliver of goods from the place of production to consumption. Dhariwal is a logistic controller of Nokia India. He is responsible for the entire logistics and transportation whether by air, sea or land. (logistics controlling, n.d)

In the situation of an emergency or crises such as in this case where there is an urgent need of recalling the products, defective batteries,as a logistics controller this requires an effective planning and management for the entire process of recall. The recall process involves not only replacing the batteries but also making reverse logistics for getting the defective batteries back for their disposal.

Role in the process of forward logistics

In this recall situation, as a logistic controller I have different duties such as,

  • There is the need to get the full descriptive information regarding the situation as well as the required tasks that will be required and detailed plan of the company as to how will it implement such plan of recalling.
  • Not only getting the information internally but also making this recall information and procedure available to those affected by this recall, such as sales centers and dealers.
  • An operational logistics team shall be formed, which will be responsible for the entire process, from the planning to its implementation. This requires the identification of the available resources that can be used such as means of transportation and local third party dealers. The available warehouses and mode of delivery etc.
  • Identification of the markets and potential segment and point of delivery to the final customer. Assessing the required resources to make the whole process efficient. Identify bottlenecks and prepare an extensive plan for the recalling process.
  • Helps the marketing team in solving the problems that the customer might face and through proper medium create awareness to the customers of the process and gain their trust and confidence.
  • Arrangements shall be made to take the shipment of the new replaced products, and for this the arrangement of the transport is a vital role. In this process examine the needed capacities that will be needed to accommodate such shipment take over. Thus, considerations will include whether the transportation is available at current company capacity or new transportation means is required to be hired.
  • Once the shipment is taken, the location of the products where they should be delivered should be identified. The availability of the warehouse and transportation infrastructure is major considerations;whether new warehouses are needed to be taken on rent etc.
  • Problem solving role, in case of some issues raised that might affect the logistic process such as availability of temporary labor at time there is need arises.
  • There are quiet expectations that the employees become demotivated in this process if the process is sudden and requires them to work more than their duty time. Thus, a proper system of reward is introduced for the overall effectiveness of the process.
  • Make sure that the internal goods management system is working efficiently and each product is accounted for and traceable under the system.
  • Finally, making proper planning to get the products delivered to the right customers, and in a proper way;suchas use local couriers services or use franchises of the company......................

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