Marketing Nissan Micra & Tata Nano Using Social Media Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing Nissan Micra & Tata Nano Using Social Media Case Solution 


After the development and launch of a number of social media sites, these socially responsive sites have been able to gain a strong position in the list of factors that can affect the standing of any company in both positive and negative manner as well. A number of business entities have realized the lying potential in this industry that can act as compatible agent for their business activities and their promotions. With the help of social media, global interaction and massive growth for businesses through this means has become the easiest possible means. Businesses are able to gain the required and desired level of fame for their products and offerings while expanding into international markets which they haven’t entered yet (Paley, 1999 ). The realized potential in this supporting method has increase the number of stakeholder authorities towards utilizing the means for enhancing their customer base and increasing the number of sales and overall growth and expansion of their business operations.


The available potential in social media for promoting their new offering in the market of India was seen as an opportunity by the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer company Nissan. Nissan is a big name in the automobile industry on a global level and enjoys a strong history in the global market. Despite its strong and firm existence in the global market, the company did not enjoy high level of brand recognition in the automobile industry of India. The people are not very much aware of the offered automobiles that are being manufactured by the company globally and the level of brand awareness is low in the territory with respect to the company. The company is now planning to enter the market with its product, as it has never entered the market and has never been exposed to the diverse market of India. The market share in the market of automobile industry of India majorly lies in the lap of a single company as it enjoys the largest set of customers and product portfolio.

Soon after it sentrance in the Indian market, Nissan initiated its operations in the region by introducing Nissan Micra to the customer segment and the Indian Market.The offered car by the company is a hatchback and has been equipped with all the desired features by the company that would be necessary to meet the requirements of the newly entered Indian market (Thomas, 2005). Despite its large existence and presence in the global automobile industry, Nissan was not able to gain a handsome amount of market share in the market of India. The company invested huge amounts of its revenues marketing and promotional campaigns for increasing its sales and market share in the newly entered market. Indian movie stars are famous and popular individuals in the country, and this was effectively utilized by the company as they hired a known actor from the Bollywood industry for increasing the brand recognition and awareness level amongst the customer segment of the market. Despite engaging a Bollywood star as their car Micra’s brand ambassador, the company was not able to gain access to a fairly large or even an adequate amount of the market share and all these promotional activities of the company did not work for them.................

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