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The paper attempts to discuss the new service offering by the United Arab Shipping Company to its customers while performing the entire market analysis for the new service offering. The paper is divided into three sections, amongst which the first section describes the marketing environment analysis, target segments, and the relative theories involved for the practice of the new offering. The second section of the paper discusses the key relationship of the company with its suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders while providing the new services, whereas, the section also discusses the key processes involved. Furthermore, the third section of the paper discusses the statement and justification of measurable objectives and the metrics that have been utilized. Lastly, a brief conclusion is also presented for the entire paper.

Section One

Develop a New Service Offering

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) shall provide a new offering for its trucking containers from the shipment terminal to the customer warehouse. Currently, the company provides conventional cargo transportation, and a temperature-controlled cargo service to enhance the value of its services. Therefore, the company did not have any presence in the trucking container market where the company would offer the services of trucks using the land transportation mode. This service offering is new for UASC and it shall cater the new market.

Marketing Environment Analysis

Big Sales through Small Businesses

The current business environment of the company is based on providing services to the big and few customers where the company transports a large fleet of shipments of containers from one place to another (Howell, 2006). However, the current business scenario is an enhancement of the current business environment where the company would transport the containers to the warehouse of its customers by using different trucks. Therefore, the company would have to deliver the shipment and the containers to each customer using its new fleet of trucks. This business environment would increase the number of its customers while enhancing the business opportunity for the company (Kotler, et al., 2014).

PEST Analysis


The UASC Company offers its services of transpacific services and tonnage up-grades services in different parts of the world which includes Asia, Middle East, West, and North European countries. Therefore, the company faces different government regulations in different countries. While considering the proposed business plan, UASC shall have to consider the government regulations involved in transporting the containers to the customers’ warehouse (Greve, et al., 2007).


Due to the increase in the global recession, the revenues of the company had decreased because there had been a decrease in the spending power of customers around the world. Therefore, it has also affected the import and export for companies in different countries. Demand and supply of a good is also affected by the inflation of a country. However, in order to decrease inflation, the UAE government and other governments reduced the import duties in different food items (Greve, et al., 2007).


UASC has good relations with its suppliers and different partners through which the company would have great chances to develop good client relationship while dealing with the individual clients. There are many companies that perform the import and export through different countries, and also many companies that work as an intermediary to ensure its customers that their containers would land safe at their warehouses (Greve, et al., 2007).


Technological factor is amongst the most important factors in the industry to gain competitive advantages and cost efficient transportation. The purchasing of the trucks of different sizes to fit the company’s containers and delivering it to the customer’s warehouse is an important step. Therefore, the company would require different sizes of trucks to fit its 20, 40, and 40 hi-cube feet containers (UASC, 2014).

Target Market Segment

The target market for UASC new service business would include big retailers like Wal-Mart, Gap, Nike, and other retailers. Other than retailers, the global customers would include industrial conglomerates, consumer goods producers, healthcare products, food and beverage companies, and many others. Therefore, the three target segment of the company would include the following:

  • Global clients
  • Area clients
  • Direct sales clients..................

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