New Balance: Developing an Integrated CSR Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 01

What are the key strengths and weaknesses for New Balance regarding corporate citizenship in the following four areas: Governance, Products and Services, Operations and Community Support?

            The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) has been helping in developing the Corporate Citizenship Management Framework (CCMF). It has four basic categories:

  • The Governance
  • The community engagement
  • Operations
  • Product & Service

The governance:


            One of the major strengths of the governance has been the value, history and the integrity. It has positive and committed organizational culture. Moreover, another major strength has been its well established CSR efforts. Along with this, the dedicated work force has been strength too. The leadership has also been committed to serving in the betterment of the people.


            The management of governance is not clear over the CSR efforts; this has been a major weakness. The overall communication has been poor as well. There is as to what CSR at New Balance represented to the overall strategy. Corporate social responsibility has not been clearly linked to the New Balance core business.

Product & Service


            The major strength has been the fact that the retail stores are all eco friendly. They have even effectively reduced the carbon footprint. Another major strength has been the green store design. It has also eliminated the usage of PVC maturely use.


            The major weakness has been the randomness of the CSR initiatives. Moreover, another weakness has been the fact that it has no control over the life cycle. Along with this, it is a fact that green environment sometimes under performs.



            The major strengths of operations have been the corporate social responsibility integration. Along with this, the other strength is the overall partnership with the environmentally sound suppliers. Another major strength has been the emphasis over the domestic facilities and the energy efficiency. Finally, the committed work force is also a major strength of the operations.


            The major weakness of operations has been the significant gap which has been developed between the aboard production and the domestic production. The apparel industry is arising to the company.

Community Support


            The community support has developed a sound return on investment too. Along with this, the strong work culture has also been a major strength for the community support. It also has philanthropist approach.


            The major weakness of the community support has been the CSR efforts which have been rather focused on domestic results. Moreover, it has inadequate communication of all the CSR efforts. Finally, the support program is also not supported and resonated with the New Balance.

Question 02

Based on the strengths and weaknesses you identified, what are some areas that New Balance can focus on and develop a CSR strategy that is integrated with the business strategy?

            Based on the strengths and weaknesses that have been identified, the new CSR strategy for the New Balance shall be to centralize the corporate social responsibility. Moreover, the new CSR strategy with the centralization of CSR shall help in increasing the efficiency. Moreover, the new CSR strategy shall be committed to improve the communication improvement that will reap in higher yield from all the activities. Moreover, the company should look to align itself with the footwear and also the apparel which will limit the elements of bad publicity.   

New Balance Case Solution

Question 03

Based on the case, what are the key steps for implementing an integrated CSR strategy? For example, who should be involved? How should it be communicated? What resources are needed? What is the timeline? How should success be measured?

Based on the case facts, the key steps that shall be useful for the integration of the new CSR strategy shall be as follows:

      Centralization of CSR activities

      Communication improvement

      Alignment of footwear

Who should be involved: The parties that would be involved in the integration of the new CSR strategy shall be the employees with the help and support of BCCC. Moreover, the strategic department has also been developed which has looked to integrate a CSR plan that has set annual targets for each department.

How should it be communicated: The communication plan for the new integrated CSR strategy would be to release the annual report of the company focusing on the efforts of CSR. Moreover, the company should also communicate and coordinate itself with the Partners. IT should also look to advertise its CSR efforts through social media and other social media initiatives.....................

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