LinkedIn to buy Career-Skills Educator Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


LinkedIn is a social website that acts as a platform for the employers to find and recruit potential and skilled employees. On the other hand, it also acts as a podium for job seeking candidates to identify and exploit the opportunities in the market.

LinkedIn earns its revenue by offering premium subscription accounts to the candidates, posting job ads on behalf of employers, and by offering paid memberships. Moreover, one of the major sources of LinkedIn’s earning is its premium offerings, which is associated with a fee unlike the core offerings of LinkedIn which is free for its network members.

COMPATIBILITY OF LYNDA.COM WITH LINKEDIN fixes with the business model of LinkedIn, in a sense that it assists the employers to gain more understanding about the competitiveness of the employees. Therefore, the employers would be able to choose an optimal candidate for their company which will subsequently enhance the overall efficiency of their recruitment process.

This will enhance the credibility of LinkedIn in the corporate world which will allow the LinkedIn to maximize its market share as more employers will be inclined towards LinkedIn in order to recruit a competitive candidate effectively.

LinkedIn to buy Career-Skills Educator Case Solution

Moreover, it will also provide a platform for candidates to prove their skills and capabilities in front of prospective employers by giving tests offered by This will also allow LinkedIn to capture a good market share as the candidates will be motivated to prove themselves in front of employers in order to get their desired job.

Lynda also provides an opportunity for LinkedIn to bring diversification in its business because it will also provide educational courses and professional certifications which is apart from its core business. This will enhance the competitiveness of LinkedIn in the market as more people will be attracted because of diversified services. This will enhance the overall profitability of the company...............

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LinkedIn to buy Career-Skills Educator

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