Ibakery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ibakery Case Study Solution

Factors affecting the success of iBakery (strengths& weaknesses)

Simply put, there are number of factors which have equally contributed to the success of the iBakery, since the company has reflected the pursuit of opportunities for addressing the social need and catalyzing the social change and serving social mission, it has met changing economic and social circumstances. The company has also pursued and explicit objective of benefiting the society or community or the specific group of people, hence promoted the sense of social responsibility directly or indirectly.

The company has employed the talented staff who are motivated and committed to achieve the common goals of the company. The company has supported the change, implemented and stresses the team and involved them in conducting the project, the staff is characterized by high relevant and motivation skills.

In addition, another success factor is the attractiveness and clarity of the innovative concept since the company is entrepreneurial, flexible and innovative in meeting the changing economic and social circumstances. The iBkaery Angels functioning is innovative and new idea which have helped the company in giving advice and suggestions on the development, direction, advising and reviewing business plans and marketing strategy as well as overseeing information gathered on the customer needs and market demand.

A strong leadership is another strength of the company, under the leadership of Florence Chan, it has ensured that the customer is not overly charged for the products which are available in the market at low price. Also, he had assisted the business by focusing on the business planning, business development, budgeting, giving business direction and setting turnover goals. All in all, his strong leadership have determined the success of the company.

In contrast to the success and strengths of the company, it is to stipulate that the company has weak presence in the market, it has low reputation and lack of experience on catering business services to the social enterprises which might be different from the normal enterprises in some means.

Ways to compete in the market and achieve self-sustainability

It is significant for the company to have an absolute belief in its mission and it should have a personal commitment to its vision of what could be achieved. The company should have an appreciation for the innovation and creativity because it is important for the company to provide the innovative solution for the issues to address in the market. It should advocate social innovation and responsible consumption by means of public education campaigns and capacity building programs.

In addition to this, the company should initiate partnership with professional groups, business sectors and social enterprises via variety of collaborative projects; providing scale up and start up funding support for the purpose of encouraging the social enterprise start up. It is recommended that the company should provide material assistance and help to the under privilegedvi a providing exceptional training sessions and expanding job opportunities. It should raise awareness amongst public towards the ethical consumption and mobilize mass public to give their full support in developing social enterprise. It should learn and follow the market trend and run the business operations on the commercial principles.

Appendix – Strength & Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
§  Talented staff

§  Entrepreneurial, flexible and innovative

§  iBkaery angels

§  Strong leadership

§  Weak presence

§  Low reputation

§  Lack of experience



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