Navigenics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case offers a summary of the consumer genomics business one of the top companies in the space, by highlighting Navigenics. The consumer genomics sector has been under intense scrutiny due to a recent announcement that a testing product would be available at Walgreens and an incriminating report released by the General Accounting Office accusing the five top players in the market (including Navigenics) of deceptive marketing practices. The business's CEO, Vance Vanier, must testify at a Congressional hearing and the business is on the point of facing regulation by the FDA. The instance further compares Navigenics' business model which uses the physician, insurance and employer networks to distribute its genetic test against the more common direct-to-consumer model (practiced by the greatest player in the space, 23andme).

Navigenics Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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