Concierge Club: Series Round Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Concierge Club early stage company plans to raise $ 6 million in additional funding in a series of funding in December 1999. Mary Naylor, Founder and CEO of Club Concierge, is a dynamic and energetic leader, who had previously received support from Washington, DC, a group of angel investors. She established the business in 1987 on the site of "brick and mortar" concierge service providing concierge services, commercial office buildings, residential buildings, as well as corporate headquarters. With the subsequent rise in online technology, Naylor is seeking funding in 1999 to become "the first national concierge service offers all the power of the Internet for companies seeking to offer these services as a client or employee benefits." The case includes materials from the business plan of the club and concierge step for investors, which allows students to assess the reasonableness of its forecasts, the level of competition, the adequacy of $ 6 million in funding, and the company's value. The key issue is that the company can perform at the national level of service based on local knowledge and exceptional care. The body is made in the form of negotiation exercise in which teams of students are assigned to the role of the investor and the entrepreneur (Naylor). "Hide
by Susan Chaplinsky, April Triantis, Gavin Cook Source: Darden School of Business 15 pages. Publication Date: February 19, 2008. Prod. #: UV1188-PDF-ENG

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