Mysmoothie: The Swedish Fruit Invasion (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1871 © 2007
Leleux, Benoit F.; Savioz; Emmanuel

Domenique might not marvel however assist at the astounding plain cruising because she released her healthy smoothie business in late 2004. It took weeks to gather on sales and the business still had to pre-finance production.; due to the business's persistence on utilizing as much regional fruit and vegetables as possible; in your area selected fruits; in specific wild forest berries; were reaching their natural limitations.

Mysmoothie The Swedish Fruit Invasion (Abridged) Case Study Solution

The business was facing its "winner's curse": the future looked sweet and intense; and it might really well end up being the leading manufacturer of long rack life pure fruit blends. The space in between wild success and devastating failure never ever appeared so slim ... Learning goals: The case records the creation and early advancement of a shake beverage business over 3 years - from late 2003 when the principle was hatched - to April 2007; when the creators unexpectedly recognized they were on track to recognize sales 500 % greater than expected for 2007 (close to EUR10 million).

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; FMCG; Growth management; Growth finance; Foodstuffs; Management team
Settings: Switzerland; Sweden; Portugal; Worldwide; Fast Moving Consumer Goods; Foodstuff; Beverages; 10 employees; 2004-2007


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Mysmoothie: The Swedish Fruit Invasion (Abridged)

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