Walt Disney Productions June 1984 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is set in the midst of trying to capture Walt Disney Productions by raider Saul Steinberg in June 1984. CEO of Disney in considering whether to fight the takeover or pay "greenmail." One significant influence on the decision, is the "true" value of the firm. Case offered either directly or through the analysis of its multiple valuations. Evaluation question provides an overview of past performance of Disney and current competitive position. Another major influence on the decision are the ethics and economics of paying blackmail. The rich range of issues raised in the case of (the strategy, evaluation, performance measurement and ethics) makes it effective is the first time, review the case, or the final exam in corporate finance course. Student file list will be available for use with this case "Hide
by Robert F. Bruner Source: Darden School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: March 28, 1991. Prod. #: UV2118-PDF-ENG

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