Grupo Pao de Acucar Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

At the conclusion of 2011, one of the largest food retailers in Brazil, Grupo Pao de Acucar, or GPA (a subsidiary of Companhia Brasileira De Distribuicao, or CBD), was reviewing its accounts payable conditions with suppliers in search of added value.

Manager of analytics Maria Cristina Santos was investigating the trade credit terms GPA had a family, with Oalem Ltda -possessed melon grower situated in northeastern Brazil. Oalem, like small family businesses, was financed with equity and bank loans that were held predominantly by the family. The case investigates how accounts payable (trade credit) conditions ought to be set or negotiated between a big retailer and also a small provider, notably when the bargaining power between the two might not be equivalent. The case shows that trade credit terms are often as significant as the conditions of more conventional types of funding.


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