Multinational Companies Staffing Approaches Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Multinational Companies Staffing Approaches Case Solution


There is a need to expand MNCs globally in order to enhance the company’s brand name and its profitability. Furthermore, it also increases the partnership among the home and the international country (Lvinger and Lindvetter, 2005). The prosperity of the MNCs depends on the best human talent acquisition, its development and maintenance to achieve the long run objectives(Ishrat, 2013). MNCs involve hiring of employees through different approaches in their Human Resource practices (Masinde, 2012). They get the advantage of hiring from the current location and they may relocate from the home country.Resources that the MNCs use for the recruitment are HR managers and professional agencies both.[1] There is the need for MNCs to maintain their culture in organization that allows sophisticated environment inside the organization[2]

They have to thus, first decide upon the type of workforce which they want to establish. They can select from the different type of staffing approaches that are categorized into four types(Mahmood, 2013). If MNCs want to attain labors from the origin country then they can choose ethnocentric approach.Moreover, if they want to maintain the workforce then they can select the Polycentric(Masinde, 2012). The third type of approach is geocentric approach which deals with the hiring of people that are best suitable for the designation regardless of their identities(SEGALLA, 2001). However, Regiocentric approach is used to adopt the workforce of the different countries working together in MNCs. This model is known as EPRG model(Onchoke and Akash, 2013).

The main issue of MNCs is if they get the entire workforce from the origin country, then the dominance of that culture is adopted in the organization which restricts organization to understand the path ways of the host country(Reiche, 2006). This also remains as a hindrance to get the knowledge of the strategies that organizations need to develop according to the host country as heir social, environmental and cultural values are only identified through surveys. However, polycentric approach is also a hindrance for the profitability of organizations asit provides lack of proper communication (Onchoke, 2013).

However, there are few options of failure of the HR in the organization through geocentric and regiocentric approaches.


As this research has to be made within certain time limit, therefore this study has been developed in as hort span of time which is why it is limited to certain types of evaluations. Furthermore, modified statistical tools can be used to analyze the approaches in different ways.

Objective of the research

As the MNCs are in trouble of maintaining their HRM practices, therefore they need to revise their acquisition of staff. For this purpose, this research is intended toward approaches of International Staffing.

Literature reviews

Moses et al (2013) identified the adoption of EPRG (ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric and regiocentric model in the international business schools. For international schools to become successful they need vision, mission, and commitment toward administration and faculty’s involvement. It has been investigated through the paradigm that it provides the insights of EPRG model. Moreover, the study revealed that no specific approach is suitable for the business schools established internationally. An implication made towards the business school students is to bring such practices globally in practice.

Onchoke and Akash (2013) scrutinized practices of recruitment and selection in Multinational Companies (MNCs) of major cities in Karnataka (State of India). A sample of 250 respondents was gathered through different MNCs such asMNCs that involve logistics, pharmaceuticals, informational technology, automobiles, electrical equipment, financial services, telecommunication, automobiles, garments & textiles and food processing............................

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