Athena health Crisis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Athena health Crisis Case Study Solution

The case illustrates the growing business model of the Athena healthcare groupstarted by Bush and Todd to serve the markets with the healthcarefacilities and clinical efficiencies to the Indian market alongwith the parent market. However, due to the inefficiency in reaching the goals and acquiring the insurance and financial assistance, the company moved towards the Athena net, a new business model that would serve the practitioner in maintaining the patient records, billings, revenue cycle over the internet.Though the model proved to be successful within the market, however, the company faced the challenges of low market awareness yet increased adoption and growing sales, the decision to either support the existing business models or develop new innovative ventures due to government support for technological and innovative projects. Lastly, it launched the athena Clinicals for the clinical use while its flagship product Athena collector has been still on the verge of growth. This has lead the company in developing a tug of war between maintain the two products, hence creating a challenge to maintain these two products on full scale.

Keywords:  Brand Awareness, Portfolio, Athena group, India


The main goals of the Athena health are to:

  • Offer the billing solution to the health care providers through the internet that would save cost and also improve the overall patient management.
  • It aims to improve the healthcare practices by offering the cycle management software and techniques that could redirect the claims and also the receivables time.
  • It aimed to improve the overall patient healthcare in Women treatment, by offering the excessive and comprehensive health management services that may reduce the case are an rate while improve the cost management techniques for the hospital.
  • Moreover, it also aimed to increase the profitability of the athena Clinicals by developing different armlet strategies that could allow the business to exceed the profits in the particular period.
  • In addition to this, we do know the goals and demands of the customers that are basically the practitioners and doctors.
  • Such goals are formulated to in case the patient’s heath on one hand, while on other hand offers healthcare industry the succinct technique to manage the cost and the overall patient care service internally and externally both.
  • These customers require the software that could manage the receivables, claims cycle, patient history all at one tab, removing the complexity of the system in Healthcare.

No, the company in current situation should not pursue or create new product.It is due to the fact, that establishing a new product will require additional resources to be allocated in the project which may in turn need the company to increase it’s spending on the new project.This will result in insufficient resources to be allocated for the existing product line that are easy for showing high growth in the market.Hence sticking to the high growth products is advantageous for the company and will help in develop strong value proposition in the market.


Yes, The Athena health has the other option to pursue the Athena community in the market.

  • However, since the athena  Clinicals is still in the developing stage, putting the efforts and redirecting the resources to two projects at same time is not beneficial for the company and may result in scarcity of resources, in efficient implementation of strategies and inadequate maintenance of the products.


In current situation, Athena should focus on its existing products and services that includes Athena clinical and Athena net and focus on developing the competitive advantage against the existing competitors by develop strong value proposition, brand image and brand value in the market. Such can only be achieved if the company remain focused on the existing successful products rather than trying new markets.


If Athena health aims to pursue a new production the market, it should be Athena net.

  • It is due to the fact that since the market is getting adaptive to cost effective techniques and digitalization, such model will help the Health Care providers to manage the cost and also improve the diagnostic services using the patient’s data recorded in the system.


Since in the coming future, the healthcare system will more rely on proper diagnostics and eradication of the trial and error treatment base, the Athena Net will allow the healthcare service providers to gather the customer data such as number of vests, residence, disease history family background, ethnicity, work life affairs and will allow the doctors and the prationeers to develop more clear picture of the patients problem, offering more accurate results and hence improving the overall services. In addition, since the prices are controlled by the government, the implementation of such software will allow the practitioner and the service providers to reduce the cost and hence improve the profit margins.................

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