MRC’s House of Cards Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Asif Satchu co-Chairman and Modi Wiczyk co-chief executive officers at the independent production company Media Rights Capital, are arguring over whether accepting a licensing offer from Netflix at their most challenging undertaking to date, a brand new television series called House of Cards.

MRC's House of Cards Case Solution

MRC executives had started to pitch the series to each one of the major premium cable networks in the usa, Comprising AMC, FX, Showtime, HBO and Starz. Two entrepreneurs were amazed, as Netfix executives made it understood that they were prepared to make a bold step into the world of original programming.

As thrilled as Satchu and Wiczyk were about Netflix's offer, accepting it and hence forgoing a sought after one-season offer from a conventional premium cable network-raised important concerns, for example about MRC's ability to guarantee international rights fees, to obtain sufficient advertising support, to get the necessary credibility in the market, and to satisfy artists and other essential elements. Was Netflix the proper associate for MRC?

PUBLICATION DATE: August 26, 2014 PRODUCT #: 515003-HCB-ENG

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MRC’s House of Cards

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