Started as Crew (A): Jan Fields and McDonalds Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Corporation McDonald `s, behemoth fast-food industry, has taken its share of criticism, even ridicule, for many years. Hurt the public image of the company began to perceive their work as a dead end, unskilled, and unstimulating. The term "McJob," coined by the author in 1991, was slang for low-paying job that requires little skill and provided little opportunity for advancement. But in many respects, McDonald's Corporation has challenged norms, using a combination of promotion-from-within strategy employee training and testing programs to develop an abundant pool of human capital. company was deeply committed to its employees, which "began as a team" coming up through the ranks, receiving the necessary training for their university hamburger. This case tells the story of John Paul, which began at McDonald's making french fries and was 20 years, serving as executive vice president and chief of operations in the U.S. in McDonald's.
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by Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead Source: Darden School of Business 7 pages. Publication Date: February 27, 2008. Prod. #: UV1154-PDF-ENG

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Started as Crew (A): Jan Fields and McDonalds

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