MINI CASES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Richard Branson initiated Virgin Airline in anunconventional way.Thiscase studyillustrates the transformational leadership skills ofBranson that helped him to develop a consortium of differentbusinessesstarting from magazine and moving up toairline services. Throughout his leadership, he empowered people to bring in new ideas and promote creativity that ultimately helped him growhis business to a billion dollarbusiness in a shortspan of time.

He remainedfocused on his own skill and brought up interest in others by empowering them.He pursued the strategy of developing new skill sets in employees rather than directing them, which led the business to great success and high growth.



Richard Branson as a manager or a leader

By analyzing the overall case, it can be said that Richard Branson hasbeena betterleader than being a manager.It is due to the fact that he influencedstudents and later his staff to pursuetheir interest in order to elevate theirskill set in the organization.He enabled them to synergize their energyand skills, while offering the ownership to employees,leading to better results.It can be seen that Bransoninspiredfollowers by setting an example, instead of directing the ideas.In fact, he supported the new ideas from employees and helped them in implementingtheir ideas into the business.Such support and visiondepict his clear leadership skills that influenced others in bringing the best in the organization.He also developed a clear teamwork strategy within the organization through lowhierarchy and direct communication(Nayar, 2013).

MINI CASES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

He influenced the collaborative ideas of employees and unleashed theirpotentialfor doing better.In fact, it can be seen that whileprompting the talent of employees, he put the employeesin charge, making them take creditof the project.Thiscertainlyboosted the ownershipamong employees and thus depicted the true qualities of a leader(Zaleznik, 2004).


Relationship between Branson and his followers

Branson has a closerelationshipwith hisfollowers.Thiscan be seen from the extentthe followers can approach to Branson and pursue their idea.For. example, the attendant from the Virgin reached to Branson to initiate the Virgin brides.He notonly supported her, butalso paved the pathfor her in implementing the idea.In addition, he supported and encouraged his followers to work on their ideas and made himself available so to offer the required help.He offered empowerment and ownership to his followers to performbetter in the market, making the overall organization profitable.

Myths of leadership development

According to the research, the famous myth that follows the concept of leadership is “leaders are born not made”, however, the example of Branson disapproves the myth since he was born with dyslexia that made him weak in reading and writing and also resulted him droppingschool at the age of 16.It weakened his position as a person in school and in the market. However, hiscommendable intelligence and will to overcome the disease barrier made him disapprove the myth, making him adaptive and ahighlytransformationalleader.


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