Culture – USA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • In 1942, An Italian traveler and explorer, Cristopher Columbus discovered America, initially he thought that he was in India.
  • George Washington, was the first elected President of America.
  • Washington DC is the capital of the USA while the largest city is New York.
  • USA is spread on an area of about 9.8 million km2 and the currency of the USA is $ Dollar (US Dollar), it is the 3rd largest country with a total population of about 300 million people.The US is an individualist society where people work independently and individually as the US believes in freedom of choice.
  • In 1860, a revolution occurred and USA became a democratic country after the end of Slavery and this was ended by Abraham Lincoln during a bloody American Civil War from 1861 to 1865, respectively.
  • The official Declaration of Independence of the USA was conventionally stated in 1776 and every year,its Independence Day is celebrated on 4th of July.
  • The 19th and the 20th Century proved to be a head on time period for new discoveries and events in the region.
  • Henry Fordpioneered the first motorcars, Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean, Martin Luther King fought for the rights of the black people (now known as black Americans), Robert Oppenheimer developed the first atomic bomb, Neil Armstrong was the first man who stepped on the Moon and proved the most appealing dream true and so on there are many more.
  • Polio was a widespread in 1940s to 1950s but U.S. doctors Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin developed two vaccines against the disease.
  • Culture of USA is extremely diverse because there are more than 50 different ethnic groups living there as a society.

Culture – USA Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

2-      Basic Cultural Components of USA


Culture is a vast domain of life which determines how we see the world and it is a set of different characteristics with all the shared yields of individuals and it maycontains both, physical substances and the principles, dogmas,ethics, and performances shared through a group of individuals. The people living in the USA came from different regions of the world, that’s why they have a diverse culture comprised of a variety of customs, sustenance and traditions and practices along with which, they also share some joint values.Basically, there are two main types of cultures, i.e. Non-Material Culture, which includes Language, Norms, Values and beliefs (Religion), Symbols, & Material Culture that includes education and technology.(Spencer-Oatey, 2012)



1.      Symbols:

Something that conveys a specific denotationdocumented by individuals who share that particular symbol regarding their practices or anything of their culture.

The Statue of Liberty, formerly known as the Liberty Enlightening the World was a gifted gesture from people of France to the USA. (Harry K. Charles)


2.      Languages:


Language is a systemic advancement of symbols that allow communication among the people of different cultures living in the same region or state. It is a diffusion of inflexible concepts.

Following are the main languages spoken; English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, French, German, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Portugueseand many more. (Ryan, 2016)

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