Microsoft Office: Finding the Suite Spot Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Microsoft Office: Finding the Suite Spot Case Solution

In the 19th century, technological innovation had led the development in every aspect of the world. Since its inception, Microsoft was one of the most successful companies,which was established by Bill Gate. He listened to what people wanted and that was to make their lives easy and smooth. As far as the market was concerned, it developed like a construction of any house with different kinds of people against each other. This was followed by serious innovative products of different software houses in order to compete with each other.

 Microsoft was not successful in the past because of already established monopoly giants such as Word Perfect, lotus, Word star etc. But gradually it captured the market share by introducing new products with extraordinary features. In the beginning, Microsoft was producing second quality products as it did not compete in MS-DOC applications with Word Perfect. People were engaged in using Word Perfect products in workshops, schools and homes.

 When Microsoft introduced first OS, it consistently decreased its market value as people were still going for individual applications rather than a wholly joined. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s products’ demand increased when it introduced office 4.2 which had extraordinary features with large process.

 The statement declared the truth that whether the company is already established or not, but when the market trend would change or the new technological era will begin, then they would have to take the risk to follow in that pace otherwise other companies will take over. Microsoft had introduced many types of products according to the market demand and failed to deliver some of them as a result, every company needs to look at its future by following the market needs and trends. The marketplace for the suits was not competitive during those days as it was a new product to follow but people didn’t like to use it as they wanted the easy way to solve their related issues from applications as this product was very costly and had very large process to follow.

 At that time, people were likely to use a single application and not going for large ones. This was the main issue to introduce business unit however,Microsoft took the risk and launched its gluing product.The market trend had been changed inevery decade because of technological innovations, which were improving the lifestyle of people.Therefore,every company should look after its product research with technological innovations in order to increase its market value and provide solutions to their users with ease of use.

How would you describe the current development process and organization?

 As Microsoft is one of the most dominated companies for office applications, its success is mainly developed through its crucial process year by year. The organization believes in product expansion in terms of up grading and quality. The main focus of this entire scenario was to provide customers with high quality products along with ease of use for these products. Since its inception, Microsoft introduced MS-DOS for its users to enjoy their quality work with their applications,however,it was identified that it could be further expanded from a single based application process to a stratified way that was to sub-categorize and hold multiple applications from different users. Finally,the company introduced windows version of applications which were popular by late 1992. Its stream of revenues consisted of system’s revenues, OEM revenue and Applications which played a vital role in becoming a monopolistic competitor in the market.........................

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