Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Anja Bremmer’s Influencing Challenge Case Solution

Problem Identification:

Genizome dispersed into several business divisions due to which each business divisions created their own set of working procedures. In addition to this, the company lacked a centralized IT system and other business practices. Thus, the management of the company realized the need of change and initiated the project of sharing best practices within and across the each business divisions with the aim to identify best practices. The management selected Anja, who was an IT project manager at Genizome, to lead the project. The management also assigned several other experts from different business units to form a team of Business Practice Sharing. However, during the first meeting, the members of the team showed unprofessional behavior.This made it clear that there was a strong need of communication and coordination between the members of BPS team. Furthermore, some members of the team had conflicts with Anja. Therefore, Anja was concerned about the support from the team members and success of the project. She has to find ways to deal with the members of the team in order to produce positive results.


Genizom is an integrated global company and was formed after several strategic alliances. However, due to mergers and acquisitions, the company faced many challenges. This was also due to the reason that the company had spread globally due to which, it is assumed that it was difficult to maintain and establish a centralized system. Furthermore, due to the problems, the company needed a standardized IT system and business process to bring efficiency and effectiveness in its business processes. The company was operating under a global functional structure, which reported through cooperate heads. This means that each division had its own head rather than a single head of operations for a country where the company operated. This situation created differences in the business process across the whole organization.Therefore, the company lacked coordination and synchronization in its processes.

Furthermore, the initiative of Best Practice Sharing seems rational.However, there are some loopholes, which the management has to realize while initiating the project. The management did not give Anja an opportunity to select appropriate team members. Furthermore, the team members belong to different business units from world over and because of this there were differences regarding timing, culture, language, and working style. In addition to this, each member shared his/her own perspective regarding the project initiative and Anja, due to which conflicts arose between them. On the other hand, the team members showed unprofessional behavior during the meeting, which raised questions on project’s success. In addition, two of the team members Thomas and Mary had a conflicting behavior with Anja and they seemedun happy with the project leader. However, after concluding the meeting, no team member showed interest, as they raised no questions nor concerns. The team members lacked coordination and effective communication due to which, the differences between each of them hindered the cause of project’s success. In addition, Anja has find ways, which can help her to minimize the differences between the members of the team.

SWOT Analysis:


The main strength of the company is that it has presence all over the world. This makes sense that the company may acquire best practices globally by assessing the geographical division’s needs and requirements. In addition, the company has professional experts who can help it to initiate the Best Practice Sharing successfully. Moreover, its diverse organizational culture would be helpful in attaining a competitive advantage through utilizing various best practices.


The major weaknesses of the company is that it lacks a centralized system that could help it to gain competitive advantage over other competitors. Moreover, the members of the team lacked coordination and communication and had established their own perspective due to which they were unable to provide Anja support. Furthermore, the unprofessional behavior of some employees may result in exploitation of other team members.......................

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