Micom Caribe (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the production of Puerto Rico plant multinational. The award-winning plant has dramatically improved the quality of the flexibility of its activities, taking a radical approach to production. Instructional Center on the use of specific techniques, along with confidence to the labor force. This creates involvement and creates a strong commitment to continuous improvement throughout the plant. In 1987 the plant was responsible for the quality problems that plagued the beginning of an important product. Four years later, the new product will be launched and the plant should develop a plan to make sure that this launch will be successful, and to develop a strategy for the future. Discusses, in detail, the development of industrial infrastructure, quality and flexibility, and introduces students to the challenges of managing production in a transnational environment. "Hide
by David M. Upton, Joshua D. Margolis Source: Harvard Business School 20 pages.

Micom Caribe (A) Case Study Solution

Publication Date: November 15, 1991. Prod. #: 692002-PDF-ENG

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Micom Caribe (A)

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