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Employee Retention

Employee retention is basically an effort by a business to maintain a balance working environment that actually supports the current staff to remain with the company. Employee retention policies are aimed to address the different needs of each employee that can enhance the job satisfaction for them and reduce the turnover rates within the organizations. The basic goal of every employer is to decrease the overall employee turnover by decreasing cost, recruitment cost and the loss of talent too. In today’s world, companies cannot shield every employee from opportunities and aggressive recruiters. The previous thought or goal of Human Resource Management has been to minimize the employee turnover ratio to the maximum. However,  the modern world has replaced the old concept and now the new target is to influence the one who leaves the organization (Cappelli, 2000).

Few organizations permit representatives to plan their occupations, and those that do normally offer such projects in all cases as opposed to some specific cases. That is the situation, for instance, with most flextime courses of action. Organizations will need to consider precisely the consequences to resolve the concerns in addition to the legitimate ramifications of particular projects, yet they do not dismiss them basically in light of the fact that they are surprising and bring up extreme issues. The business sector is exceptionally creative in providing individualized rewards.

Another idea is to retain the talent by eventually replacing the misconceptions with the evidence based strategies. Basically, the article discusses the gap of employee retention by eliminating various misconceptions about the general perspective of the employee turnover and the retention strategies offered by various companies at different levels. The article basically explains the fact that the cause effect relationship and control can lead to employee retention. People within an organization are usually influent with other people. Over here, organizations and management needs to understand the fact that employees look for management that support them and look after their concerns. Employee retention is therefore a critical issue for every company. It has cost associated with it that is spent on selecting, recruiting and training new employees, which is costly in the beginning but eventually it pays dividends to the company in the long run. It is even important to understand that when an employee leaves the organization; the cost associated with its departure is also lost. For example, the hiring, recruiting, selecting and training requires time and effort but nowadays organizations do not consider it as a part of expense for the company. In the end it is said that companies need to focus on their vision of retaining employees because people are asset and they can make or break an organization. (Barrick, 2009).

Another article explains the importance of recruiting right man for the right job. It is an important aspect of human resource management because companies need to have a clear understanding about where they are standing and the region that they want to enter in the future. Therefore, pre-hire predictors are determined before actually looking to hire an individual for specific job. The main reason to carry a test is to analyze the skills and capabilities of the new joinee and his potential to grasp things (Allen, 2010)...............................

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