Gordon Biersch: New Challenges and Opportunities Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After opening its first Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in July 1988, in Palo Alto, California, Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch Gordon Biersch successfully built a $ 20 million company with restaurants in five locations and a small retail business of beer. By early 1995, they were designed to open 20 new restaurants in the United States in 1999 and the expansion of the brewing side of the business. To do this, they need to grow much more rapidly, which requires additional funding and knowledge management. Thus, in November 1995, they adopted a $ 11.2 million investment from the Fertitta family. In exchange for this, Dan and Dean gave Fertittas control of most companies. This case provides students with updates that occurred at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company after receiving funding from the Fertitta family in 1995 and 2002. "Hide
by Chuck Holloway, Andrea Higuera Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 10 pages. Publication Date: May 22, 2002. Prod. #: E122-PDF-ENG

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Gordon Biersch: New Challenges and Opportunities

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