Medium in 2015: A New Form of Networked Publishing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Medium in 2015: A New Form of Networked Publishing Case Solution

The Medium Company looks for to alter how individuals author, take in and engage with material on the Internet. Established by Ev Williams, co-founder of Blogger and Twitter, the business established a digital printing platform and set of social media network tools that enable individuals to invest substantive time with weighty problems dealing with society, organisation and politics. Battling the pattern of fast involvement with short-form material on the Internet, Medium wrestles with ways to provide an experience that advances essential subjects with ease, versatility and significance, while working to construct a big and effective business. The obstacles of constructing an effective digital media business, stabilizing tool advancement with content curation, and arranging a company in the 21st century are at the core subjects dealing with the company's management group.

Knowing Objective

The objective of the case is to show trainees a business that is planning to press borders and conventional wisdom of how concepts are curated and talked about on the modern-day Internet. The goals of the management group to boost the consideration and tone of online conversation and discovery are stabilized with the truths of the environment of the digital content world. How a strong and knowledgeable management group works to challenge conventional wisdom to accomplish their vision reaches the leading edge of problems with which trainees need to battle while thinking about the tactical choices challenging the company.

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