Mattel Toys (A): The Financial Realignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is a Thunderbird Case Study.When Robert A. "Bob" Eckert was assigned as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mattel Toys in the month of May 2000, he found a firm which many considered lost. Its previous CEO, Jill Barad, who had returned Barbie back from the plaything-dead in the year 1990s and CEO ever since 1997, had been forced out months before as the business's earnings had plummeted. The firm was now losing roughly $1 million per day, and Barbie, the basis of the business's sales and gains for a decade, was aging. Mattel's share price had plummeted to a current low of $10 from $46 per share in 1998. Bob Eckert and his team had motivated quickly to slash operating costs, divest huge money losers, refocus on core products and brands, all in the hope of stimulating profitableness.

Mattel Toys (A) The Financial Realignment Case Study Solution

The operational and financial measures had been accelerated and, sometimes, brutal. The toy industry was short-cycled, and worried that Hot Wheels, Barbie, Fischer Price, and American Girl would provide the increase Mattel needed. The company mantra of lucrative growth was quite real to Bob Eckert and Mattel.

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This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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Mattel Toys (A): The Financial Realignment

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