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In early January, 2009 the president of Invesco Trimark Ltd. (Invesco Trimark) was confident about the year ahead, especially when compared to "the perfect storm" of 2008. That year saw global investment markets in chaos, and Invesco Trimark's mutual fund assets had plummeted to nearly half its worth. His team and the president had spent almost a year working and re-working a brand new product launch and by 2009 believed they had developed an unique and differentiated notion that would be challenging for the competitors to duplicate.

This new product joined crucial characteristics of ETFs traded on U.S. exchanges with crucial features of Canadian mutual funds. As innovative and exciting as ETFs guaranteed to be, the president understood that it would be met with reservation from Invesco Trimark's conventional mutual fund providers who remained skeptical. The president wondered how best to convey the new product idea given the contradictory and competing notions that existed in the marketplace but in his own business. Was it possible to co-exist for mutual funds and ETFs?

Powershares Exchange-Traded Funds Case Study Solution


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Powershares Exchange-Traded Funds

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