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The paper attempts to describe the Case (A) and Case (B) for MDCM Inc. while focusing on the implementation of Information Technology. For Case (A), the paper attempts to describe the overall strategy of MDCM Inc. used in the case while providing the strategic goals of the company along with IT objectives. Furthermore, the paper aims to describe the synchronizing of the strategic goals of the company with IT objectives. The Case (A) also provide the industry and competition analysis through Porter’s five forces. While in Case (B), the paper illustrates the recommendations provided to the company and also provides the IT projects appropriate for MDCM and to tell which IT project lies in which quadrant.

Case A:

Overall Corporate Strategy

Consolidated Strategy

A consolidated strategy was applied by the company in which it aimed to grow in different geographical regions. The strategy was aimed at providing services based on customer orientation, to achieve absolute commitment. The company acquired non US based companies that had the competency in contract manufacturing for helping its local customers in gaining overall good service. The company also outsourced their inbound and outbound logistics and tried to appoint their ousted employee to work from the outsourced company. This strategy was aimed at ensuring efficiency of the company and sincerity at the same time (Dringoli, 2011).

Global Strategy

MDCM Inc. applied an aggressive global strategy to acquire firms in different parts of the world. The company initiated its first acquisition in the year in 1987 by acquiring a UK based company. The company was in the verge of making its 20th acquisition by the mid-1990.

E-Business Strategy

The company sensed a serious urge for integrating its many departments and to keep up with the global economy, hence it felt a serious need to improve its IT system. The company felt flaws in the inaccuracy of forecasting the schedule and managing the inventory, which is why the company hired Atkins as COI, they aimed to develop a global IT system for the company and made a proposal to manage problems.

Strategic Goals at MDCM

The main strategic goals of the company has been described below:

  • Delivering a customer oriented service quality while aiming absolute commitment
  • Local customers are to be surveyed efficiently
  • To maintain strong customer relationship
  • Operations shall remain globally focused
  • Increasing working capital
  • To achieve cost efficiency for its operations
  • Lowering the burden by offering customers to use self-service technology
  • Forecasting to be performed efficiently
  • Synchronizing the IT system strategies with the corporate strategies
  • Highly customized products for the need of their customers

IT Objectives

Atkins felt the need for developing a globalized IT system for MDCM Inc. which would manage a strong integration between the departments. The below objectives were highlighted by Atkins:

  • IT system for accounting to be implemented
  • Eliminating the slow process for the flow of information between the inter-departments and between the parent company and its subsidiaries.
  • Different financial calculations shall require different systems.
  • Sales forecasting shall be performed through acquiring authentic information through collecting information from each departments.
  • Implementation of the IT system for logistics and transportation.
  • Globalized IT infrastructure.
  • Networking shall be remained error-free.
  • Managing the data base for each department.
  • Aims to become the IT leader.

Synchronizing Strategic Business Goals with IT Objectives

Through applying following steps, the company can synchronize the strategic business goals with IT objectives:

Delivering Customer-oriented Service Quality while Aiming Absolute Commitment

This particular objective could be achieved through identifying the accurate needs and wants of customers while also identifying the consumer behaviors. This strategy requires the effective integration of customers with their companies and suppliers so that the accurate information could be achieved (Swensen, 2009).

Local Customers are to be Surveyed Efficiently

The brand loyalty of the customers could be maintained through providing the extra services through promotional activities. The company can only target their customers efficiently through the effective use of customer information. Therefore, the company would require the use of IT system in maintaining their customer database.

To Maintain Strong Customer Relationship

Similarly to the case above, the company can utilize the efficient use of the customer database in strengthening the ties with its customers. The buying behavioral patterns for customers could be measured through the use of IT systems and could be compared with the purchase and sales of the products (Swensen, 2009).......................

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