Marketing Retirement–or Staying On the Job Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Financial bundles provide the most common incentive to satisfy the legal demand that retirement be voluntary. However, managers have a few other tools to encourage retirement or support -- on the job and consistent with current health insurance changes that could make pre-65 retirement more desirable.

Supervisors must consider demographic realities offering a sizable cohort available to replace retirees in using these tools. To help managers, a qualitative study among human resource specialists probed also how each is accomplished to maintain a work force finest matched to job requirements and how companies decide among supporting retirement or remaining at work. Ideas for marketing retirement include starting early to support saving so that workers are able to retire and improving the retirement 'merchandise' by adaptive alternatives to full-time work, including self-employment.

 Ideas for keeping employees on the job contain tailoring rewards and schedules to needs and the preferences of individuals who might otherwise resign.


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Marketing Retirement–or Staying On the Job

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