Managing Up (B): Jada Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Two workers at 8SK Consulting, a leading company with 800 staff in five offices, need to find a strategy to efficiently manage their leader. A junior hire who is ready to take on more responsibility to be able to improve her career is frustrated - although her leader has previously played an important role as her mentor and guide in the business, he now seems to be in the way of her promotion to more important positions. A senior quality specialist desires to reject an offered team leader job, because of family concerns, but is stressed how that may disappoint her manager and how it might affect not only hers but his profession. How can these workers efficiently and proactively handle a leader in order to accomplish personal and career aims?

Managing Up (B) Jada Case Study Solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT



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Managing Up (B): Jada

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