Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

One in the four adults will be consigned for a diagnosable mental disorder that impairs their social, interpersonal or occupational performance, and consequently, mental illness is now a leading global health concern. It is further estimated that many of mental illness also have substance abuse problems, and the percentage of the population having an undiagnosed mental disorder is practically equal to those with diagnosed disorders.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Case Study Solution

Given that these issues are really so common in the working class, managing employees with ongoing or episodic mental health conditions is a job demand that most supervisors are likely confront. The writers analyze what's necessary to equip managers - and ultimately, organizations - to deal with these complicated scenarios. They provide a four-step model that starts with 'Becoming conscious of a mental health problem' and finishes with 'Reflecting on the encounter'.


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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

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