Health Leads (B): Entering the “Proof Period” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Health Leads (B): Entering the 'Evidence Interval'" presents the decisions the health care non-profit made in 2009 - 2010 about its growth options, and the success it had in raising millions of dollars in 2011-2012 to support that strategy. The (B) case picks up where "Health Leads (A): Expansion Decisions for a Health Care Nonprofit" left off in January 2009, with the organization entering a strategic planning process. During the 18-month procedure, Health Leads management determined it would enter a four-year "evidence period" (2011-2014) to establish Health Leads' value proposition, then enter a rapid growth period (2015-2019).

While there would be growth during the proof interval, a major priority is always to illustrate that Health Leads' activities resulted in large cost savings for health care providers and that underwriting the expenses of Health Leads' services would have a favorable return on investment. The organization also wanted to utilize the evidenced interval to investigate price position for its products in the market, chiefly its volunteer-run "Help Desks" that supported low income patients get connected to non-medical resources they needed to be healthy.

Moreover, Health Leads desired to raise $5.6 million to arrange for its rapid growth period. The aims for the fast expansion interval (2015-2019) enclosed creating a ubiquitous market for Health Leads' products, escalating geographically, moving from largely pediatric clinics to additionally serving adult populations, and partnering with esteemed and large medical organizations. Other intention included carrying out promotion and promotion campaigns to attract consumers, who could drive growth, and going into retail clinics, for example those in Target and Walmart, which mainly served low income patients.


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Health Leads (B): Entering the “Proof Period”

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